The Purple and Green Gala will raise monies for Our Children's Story.  In turn, Our Children's Story will launch support workshops as well as funding assistance for those who are experiencing financial hardship.

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"It’s been a long journey and it’s still coming along, but as of present day my baby is talking more than ever. She expresses herself fully. She is currently at College Park Elementary, with special educators that she sees weekly, but she is able to be in general education classes. Per her scores she is on a level of a second semester 3rd grader and she is only a second semester 2nd grader. All of this and the work I continue to do all started with a push in the right direction from Libra and Our Children’s Story. My child has a story. A story that I’m able to share with others due to the overwhelming help from Mrs. Libra Hicks! I THANK YOU…I THANK YOU… I THANK YOU… you will always be someone special to me and my daughter Jaiden"!


Courtney Carter-Boston

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The Purple and GreenGala will raise money to help Our Children's Story offset financial hardship that a families experience while caring for a child with special needs.


"I can't thank Our Children's Story organization enough for supporting families with special needs. I have followed Ms. Hicks and was very moved by her commitment to her family and greatly to the needs of the special need families out here. I soon had alot of questions about some things i was going thru with my son and felt lost and confused. I reached out and there Mrs.Hicks was with a answer plus some lol. I also was inquiring about Getting help for Thanksgiving and again this beautiful lady delivered. My family because of Our Children's Story didn't miss a beat. I am blessed to have this organization rooting for me and many other families. This is what we need more of in the community.  Thanks again Libra Hicks and Our Children's Story for just being there and bring informative".

Ms. Smothers


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The Purple and GreenGala will be an annual event that will honor children with (dis)Abilities and those who care for them in the community. This event will be held every Year in October or November,

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